Our Story

Bob and Crew cleaning halibut.jpg

It all started when…

As a young boy, Bob Fraumeni was fascinated by the sea.  He spent countless hours fishing in Gonzales Bay in Victoria, peering into the ocean, wondering what was down there.  Although he wasn’t born into a fishing family, he was drawn to the sea.  As he got older, a teenage Fraumeni began hanging around the busy docks of Victoria’s Harbour, which at the time had three fish processing plants in full operation.

In 1977, Bob bought his first boat, a 36-foot West Coast troller designed for Salmon fishing.  However, even as he set out on his first trips, Bob Fraumeni knew the salmon industry was going downhill.

“I realized it was time to branch out to other fisheries - especially ground fish,” Bob recalls.

By 1984, Bob’s company had grown and was established as a limited company called F.A.S.Seafood Producers Ltd., which stands for ‘Frozen At Sea.'  F.A.S. now has 8 boats plying the seas, catching everything from Halibut up in Haida Gwaii to Albacore Tuna off the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

After selling exclusively to the Asian Market for many years, Bob was eager to make his high quality products available locally.  ‘Finest At Sea’ was established as a boutique-style seafood company with locations in Victoria and Vancouver, B.C.  Bob recognized your need for a source of top quality, 100% wild seafood products of known origin and now the Finest At Sea Products are just a phone call away.